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    London’s Heathrow Airport

    London’s Heathrow Airport is the main travel hub for the UK and Western Europe. Upon arrival, no one offers a better, more cost-effective service for your onward journey than Adamson Minibus Hire

    Adamson Minibus Hire can give you competitive rates on:

    • Getting you, your group and all of your luggage comfortably, swiftly and directly to your hotel.
    • Taking you around any of the hundreds of museums and attractions in London on a guided city tour.
    • Organising transport and marshals for major events such as parties, weddings and conferences.
    • Getting you back to the airport for your departure with plenty of time before your flight.
    • Much much more! Contact our office and we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs – whatever they are.

    Our local drivers know all of best routes around London, ensuring that your journey will be swift and efficient. Fill in our quick and easy quote form to see how much you could save with Adamson Minibus Hire

    Approximate Travel Times

    Our most popular destinations include:
    • Bristol (75 minutes)
    • Central London (25 minutes to 55 minutes)
    • Reading (38 minutes)
    • Oxford (90 minutes)

    Heathrow Airport Facilities

    As the main international travel hub for the UK, London Heathrow Airport has an excellent range of facilities including:

    • Family play areas in Terminals 4 and 5
    • A number of airport hotels, including the Hilton, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn and Sheraton
    • Wifi internet access
    • A huge selection of shops, including perfumeries, book shops, clothes stores, restaurants, travel accessories, souvenirs, technology, children’s stores and duty free.

    Find us at Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow currently has four active terminals – 1, 3, 4 and 5. Terminal 2 is closed for extensive rebuilding and renovation work. In order to get to your hired coach, you will need to follow these directions:

    From the moment you exit the baggage reclaim area, you will need to look for signs to the Central Bus Station. These yellow signs also show an image of a coach. It is a short walk from the terminal and can be reached using escalators, moving walkways and lifts. The bus station is open 24 hours a day.
    If you are going to connect with your vehicle at the Central Bus Station and are arriving at Terminals 4 or 5, you can take the free shuttle bus service, which will bring you to or take you from the Central Bus Station. If you are disabled and require assistance, find one of the many help phones or call 020 8745 6161 between 6am and 11pm to get assistance.
    The Railair service operates from coach stands 1-3 while will use the central coach stands.

    At Terminal 4, Adamson Minibus Hire arrivals and departures are from stands 13 and 14. Go to bus stop 7 for free shuttle buses to Terminal 5 and the Central Bus Station. At Terminal 5, make your way to the arrivals area and exit the terminal. Our services arrive and depart from stands 13-16. Shuttle buses for Terminal 4 and the Central Bus Station leave from stands 8 and 9.

    Heathrow Airport Contact Details


    Phone No:

    • +44 (0)844 336 1801


    • Heathrow Airport Limited, The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW.


    There are also plenty of facilities for passengers with special needs, including those who are hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted or those travelling in a wheelchair. This includes dedicated seating areas, washrooms and shopping assistance which can be reserved by calling 0800 678 5324.
    For more information on special needs assistance, go to the airport’s website or call 0844 335 1801.